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Robert J. Manna, D.C. 
Manna Family Chiropractic, P.C.
310 Shorter Avenue,
Rome, GA 30165


"Before I came to see Dr. Manna I was taking Ibuprophen and Goody powders during the day at work to get me through and would have to take muscle relaxers and pain medication at night.  After starting chiropractic care, I've been able to get up in the morning without being in pain." (D.G.)

"I was spending tons of money on over-the-counter medicines... (now) I honestly felt like I was getting a new body.  I now fully enjoy my family, friends, the outdoors and life in general." (D.R.)

"No more watching the clock to see if I can take more medicine." (D.H.)

"I had been to my family doctor, an orthopedic and also a neurosurgeon.  I had a bone scan, hip and spine x-rays and an MRI. After all that, they couldn't tell me what was wrong. (Now) with each adjustment, I can tell the difference, the pain is getting milder and does not last as long as before."  (S.G.)

"I strongly recommend if you are having problems, seek out the services of Manna Family Chiropractic." (M.P.)

"It was almost instant relief. I honestly didn't realize how bad the pain was until it stopped." (L.B.)

"I have not had to cancel any family time or miss any work due to headaches.  I am happier and more patient with my children." (K.F.)

"I wish I knew about Dr. Bob [before] I wouldn't have been in pain this long." (B.B.)

"My headaches have decreased and my neck and back don't hurt as much." (S.M.)

"I feel strong and healthy [again]. My mood is much more positive and I am able to to work and exercise like I did before I injured my back." (L.M.)

"After a couple of visits my back and neck eased up a whole lot.  After a little longer I got off of my medicine for headaches." (H.S.)

"I went to three different doctors and the emergency room.   They gave me every kind of pain and anti-inflammatory drug and nothing worked. [Now] I can walk and sleep again.  My whole life changed."  (G.D.)

"Today I am headache and drug free, thanks to Dr. Manna." (L.B.)