What controls the body?  The body is controlled by the brain and nerve system. The nerve system is the "Master System" of the body.

How are nerve signals transmitted? In the body, messages from the brain are sent down through the spinal cord and then out through one of the 31 pairs of spinal nerves to our body tissues.

Do I control these nerve messages? Our "educated minds" control some nerve messages, but most messages we never even have to think about.  For "voluntary" functions, like moving your finger, we consciously cause a nerve message signal that travels down from the brain, down through the spinal cord and out through a nerve root in the lower neck.  When the message gets to the finger, the finger moves just like we wanted.  But, for the messages needed to make stomach acid, or the thousands of functions we do every minute, our body's "Innate Intelligence" do all that's needed without conscious thought. 
How do these nerve messages get interfered with?  When a spinal bone (a vertebra) moves out of place, it causes a misalignment or a "subluxation."  Subluxations interfere with nerve messages and therefore are a detriment to health.

Chiropractic is the science and art of locating and removing  those vertebral subluxations.  Every person, under all circumstances, is better off without vertebral subluxations. 

What about results?  Chiropractic gets terrific results with a variety of conditions, but chiropractic doesn't "cure."  What chiropractic does is allow the body to improve its ability to heal.  

Does chiropractic cure? You have the best doctor in the world, right within your own body.  Your body is a self-healing organism.  So, it's the body that does the healing.  And, your body does that best without nerve interference. 

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